The Best Joint Supplement For Dogs

There are number of things to have in mind when choosing the right joint supplement for your dog. The ingredients must be right, i.e. safe, effective, and top quality. The production should be according to GMP quality standards. The taste must be to your dogs liking and finally the price must be the "best value for money".

MaxxiFlex Plus fulfills all of these criteria's.

The Right Top Quality Ingredients

The ingredients are extremely important and in more ways than one. The best joint supplement for dogs has to include the right top quality ingredients.

The Right Ingredients

The right ingredients are both safe and effective. Safe not only means the ingredients are safe for dogs' consumption. It also means that the dosage is the right amount for certain dogs' sizes.

The dog supplement label must list all the active ingredients and the amount of each. It should also include directions for use, i.e. how much to give to different size of dogs.

MaxxiFlex Plus bottles from three sides

Safe is though not enough, the ingredients must also be effective. This means each ingredient should have some specific function in supporting canine joint health. Some ingredients may help ease joint pain, others may be anti-inflammatory or lubricate the joints.

The best dog joint supplement includes number of active ingredients, so the composition (mix) is also important.  

Each Active Ingredient in MaxxiFlex Plus plays a specific role in supporting canine joint health. The ingredients have been carefully selected and are in the right proportion to support and maintain bone, cartilage, and connective tissue health.

Top Quality Ingredients

The right ingredients are however not enough, the quality of the ingredients is also extremely important.

All the ingredients in MaxxiFlex Plus are of premium quality and from trusted suppliers. All raw material is quarantined upon receipt, where it is tested for freshness, potency, and purity before being released for manufacturing.

Highest Quality Manufacturing

The quality, safety, and effectiveness of the active ingredients are vital. However, without quality manufacturing it cannot become the best joint supplement for dogs.

MaxxiFlex Plus being manufactured

The best dog supplements are manufactured according to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). Following GMP quality standards ensures consistent production quality. The lot number should be shown on every single bottle, allowing the manufacturer to trace the product through the production process.

MaxxiFlex Plus is manufactured in the USA, according to GMP quality standards set forth by the FDA. The lot number and best by date is shown at the bottom of every single bottle.

Animal supplement manufacturing is not as regulated as human supplement manufacturing. This is why NASC (National Animal Supplement Council) was established.

NASC is a non-profit organization that advocates and collectively enforces GMP quality standards in manufacturing, labeling, and marketing of animal health supplements.

NASC seal of approval means the manufacturer is adhering to strict manufacturing standards.

MaxxiFlex Plus contract manufacturer is one of the founding members of NASC.

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What Is Contract Manufacturing?

Contract manufacturing, or private labeling, is when one company manufactures products for another company and in their name. Private label products (and services) are available now a day in a wide range of industries, e.g. food, cosmetics, web hosting.

Just think about your local supermarket. It may have lot of different products for sale in its own name (own brand), i.e. from flour to washing up liquids. The supermarkets don't own all the manufacturing facilities. This is a typical example of contract manufacturing.

You may wonder why the manufacturing companies are not selling their products themselves. Some of them do, but most do not see selling and marketing as their core business. They are manufacturers and want to concentrate on being great in what they do, which is manufacturing.

Like MaxxiFlex Plus contract manufacturer, that has over 50 years experience in manufacturing high quality animal supplements.


We cannot argue with our dogs. If they don't like the taste of something, they will not eat it. No matter how good it is for them. Sometimes you may be able to get them to eat it by covering it with something they like.

Tess loves MaxxiFlex Plus as treats

But you don't want to be bothered with that every day, or even twice a day. You want your dog joint supplement to be to your dogs taste. Ideally, your dog will take it as treat. Another option is to put it in his food (without him leaving it behind). 

MaxxiFlex Plus chewable tablets are liver flavored and highly palatable. Almost all the dogs we have given them to have loved them as treat. All except one that is.

Our Molly, the face of MaxxiFlex, does not take them as treats but she loves them in her food. She never leaves them behind.

However, in the unlikely event that your dog does not like the taste, just let us know within 14 days and we will fully refund you.

The Best Value For Money Price

Dog joint supplements come in different price ranges. Those containing higher quality ingredients tend to be more expensive.

When comparing the prices you must make sure you are comparing apples to apples. It is not enough to compare the price of the bottle, you need to compare the cost per day.

This table shows how to compare dog supplement prices.

  A B C D E
Price pr. bottle $34.95 $80.94 $39.87 $42.99 $24.99
Number of tablets 132 150 120 120 60
Cost pr. tablet $0.26 $0.54 $0.33 $0.36 $0.42
Tablets pr. day  2 1 2 2 2
Cost pr. day  $0.53 $0.54 $0.66 $0.72 $0.83

At first sight, bottle B seems much more expensive than bottle A but the cost per day is actually almost the same. While bottle E is the cheapest to buy but turns out to be the most expensive supplement on daily basis.

The cost per day is though not the only thing that matters. The lowest priced dog supplement is not necessarily the best joint supplement for dogs. You need to consider the ingredients as well, i.e. which ingredients are included, the quality, how effective are they, etc.

Look for the best price for what you get for your money… and your dog. Remember, effective dog joint supplement can save you money in Vet bills in the future. 

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