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MaxxiDog customers are what this is all about. Without them, there would be no MaxxiDog products. It is as simple as that.


We are extremely grateful to all the customers that have contacted us to tell us how happy they are with our products, and to those that have taken the time to leave reviews on Amazon.

Your feedback is immensely valuable to us. It helps us to evaluate the quality of our products and service but our aim is to provide premium quality products and customer service at all times.

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MaxxiFlex Plus






What They Say About MaxxiFlex Plus

“I bought this product after doing some research on ways to help both of my dogs feel better without using steroids. My older dog has arthritis and my American Bulldog has lymes disease. It has made an amazing difference in their quality of life! They seem pain free!”

Eugenia Artice on 10 Sep 2015

“This is my second purchase of Maxxiflex, the results with my 5 year old chocolate lab have been great. He had developed a slight limp on his front rh leg and after a month on these tablets the limp has gone and he is definitely more active. I would highly recommend this product”

David Young on 2 Oct 2014

“He was prone to limping in either back leg and x rays revealed arthritis and other damage in his left rear leg. An operation was scheduled but at the last minute the vet advised us to give him a complete break from his non stop running around and then have a review. Shortly after we started Mick on one MaxxiFlex tablet a day. This was about nine months ago and the difference is amazing. Even though he is 11 years old he still runs around like the proverbial 'headless chicken' and his back legs have never been better without any sign of a limp”

J B. on 30 May 2016

“We have been giving MaxxiFlex to our 9yr old shar pei for the last couple of years. Before this supplement, he was constantly getting hip pain and we would have to give him pain medication. Since being on the MaxxiFlex, he rarely has any episodes and has not had a pain pill since”

PA Gallegos on 19 Apr 2016

“My lovely boy is almost 13 now and started suffering really badly with arthritis last winter and could hardly walk, shaking and trembling legs leaving him struggling to even go for toilet visits. After medication from the vet which upset his tummy a lot and made him quite poorly, I started looking for a natural supplement instead. After trying two other products which didn't seem to help him much, I came across MaxxiFlex Plus... My dog has gone from being in agony and unable to get up without help when he's been lying down, to getting to his feet on his own and walking without wobbling and also seems to have no pain. While he will never be racing around like he used to, for an arthritic dog he does get around just fine without needing help to stand. He is now going for 3 short walks a day, slowly I admit, but he seems to enjoy them and its helping him to keep more mobile. The rest of the day he wanders round the garden as he likes and it has restored quality of life for him”

MS PATRICIA L HALL on 27 Jun 2015

“best dog joint support because of the use of ha. need to order more for my other dog. i also take similar type for my joints”

Richie Rich on 24 Oct 2014

“Having used the supplements for only 8 days, there is definitely some benefits. My dog gets out of bed less stiffly and stands almost properly”

The Hog King on 29 Apr 2014

“He has arthritis in his spine and hind leg, but since taking these supplements he is much more agile and no longer limps. Definitely recommend”

Mrs Elaine Fyson on 10 Jul 2014

“Our approximately nine year old border collie is loads better after taking Maxxiflex. He has regained his enthusiasm for walks (he had taken to hiding when he saw his lead) and is limping only occasionally”

Diane Carlisle on 12 May 2014

“I use these tablets along with the Maxxi oil, and I have a new dog, she is more lively and more what she was a couple of years ago. She is nine years of age and everyone we meet when out walking thinks she is a puppy”

Pippa21 on 5 Apr 2016

“Have tried several products and none have worked. This product worked immediately”

D. M. Robinson on 7 Jun 2016

“I thought I'd try MaxxiFlex Plus. They are easy for her to take, she eats them straight off, and they seem to be doing the job. She's got loads of energy and is bounding around like a pup. The tablets are also great value, better than the other ones, and the customer service is excellent. Would recommend and will be buying again”

Sam on 10 Jun 2014

“Hatte das Glück das Superangebot zu erwischen. Meine Hund eund ich sind sehr zufrieden, schnelle Lieferung, super freundlicher Kundendienst. Als Leckerli nehmen meine Hunde das nicht, sind wahrscheinlich zu verwöhnt. Aber die Pillen sind ganz leicht zu zerdrücken und unter die Nahrung zu mischen. Mein Größerer hat Arthrose und die Maxxiflex haben seine Beweglichkeit verbessert. Sehr zu empfehlen!”

anteide "Neugierige" on 6 May 2014

“My dog was limping severely on her hind leg. Most of the time this occurred after laying for a while. At times she could not even put weight on it. After purchasing our first bottle of MaxxiFlex and following the initial dosing instructions, we noticed an improvement in her condition. We are now on our 2nd bottle and she has been running around, no limping at all. This product really works”

T Auge on 1 Feb 2016

“The tablets have worked wonders for her, she limps less when she walks, is quicker to get up and is overall much more bouncy. She has even started to run again (slowly) after her Frisbee. We will continue to give her MaxxiFlex Plus for the rest of her life”

Gunnlaug B Jonsdottir on 7 May 2014

“My dear chocolate Labrador Henry is almost 13.and like all Labradors has been suffering with Arthritus for some time, we had MaxxiFlex Plus recommended to us by a friend and we have bought several packs since”

Graham John Leese on 30 Jun 2016

“I did thorough research on glucosamine supplements before switching to this brand. Our 2 boxers were doing well since starting them on glucosamine but I knew something was still missing. The combination of glucosamine, chondroitin and turmeric in this has made a huge difference for our pups, one of which has arthritis in his spine and the other with a partial tear in her knee”

Jen VanBarriger on 4 Apr 2016

“I was so very skeptical about any joint repair/help for pets. I have a Senior rescue (approximately 11 years old) and he tore his ACL in his knee. The vet said, $1500 please, to fix it. I searched and searched the internet and discovered MaxxiFlex Plus. I studied and studied the product, making comparisons and finally bought it. I'm here to tell anyone reading this, that in 5 days of giving this product to my tiny little man, he was up and running!! Literally!!”

Rhea K. on 20 Mar 2016

“This is a good product. The service was excellent. My dog walks better and doesn't have joint pain after taking this product for a few weeks”

S. Smith on 22 Apr 2014

“My two furgirls absolutely love these tablets! I have no problem getting them to chew them right up!! Definitely will purchase again!”

L. Webb on 9 May 2014

“Would highly recommend. Toby our 12 year old lab cross was showing early signs of arthritis after 6 weeks there is a marked improvement and he's bouncing around like a youngster again”

Kathleen J Hughes on 24 Sep 2014

“I tried other joint meds for my dog before... But these actually work. With in 2 days of taking, I started to see improvement and after a week it was like night and day. No more whimpering when trying to get up or run. Her legs move much more fluidly. Now on day 20 taking the recommended 2 times the daily dose for 21 days. She is absolutely improved beyond what I could ever imagine. We now enjoy 15-20 mins ball throwing sessions and 1.5 mile bike rides... All at speed. No signs of pain... Only stamina issues, which we are working on”

Gamer on 30 Sep 2014

“I've finished giving him the first bottle of tablets and I see a definite improvement in his mobility. This is the first joint supplement I've tried for my dog and I would highly recommend it”

Peg in A2 on 12 May 2014

“I love this product! My 10. 5 year old pitt/shar pei mix was showing signs of arthritis and our vet suggested we put him on an anti inflammatory which did seem to work. I started searching for natural products and found this a few months ago and he is doing so well on it. I think it's great and just ordered 2 more bottles. Apparently it tastes good because my dog thinks it's a treat!”

1bootlover on 27 Aug 2014

“Now, when I am traveling -- or they are traveling with me, we switch to MaxxiFlex and there has been no recurrence of their lameness! In fact, we are now able to go to the beach more often as both dogs are doing so well. The lab LOVES the taste of the tablets -- the lab mix is blind and refuses to eat tablets of any kind but he gobbles it right up when it is in his food! I recommend this product. I am a physician board certified in integrative and holistic health and absolutely love the "extras" that come in this pill -- the turmeric, devils claw and bromelain are all holistic remedies that I recommend for my human patients!”

Ny_Miss on 23 Jun 2014

“My 11-year-old Aussie has responded to this supplement better than I could have ever hoped. It's wonderful to see her bouncing around excitedly, lazing around less, and wanting to play more again. I didn't realize how uncomfortable she must have been”

Amazon Customer on 9 Sep 2015

“we thus switched to maxxiflex and with in a week and half she jumping around and is just so much alert than ever before. She loves the taste of them its like a treat for her and i love the benefits they give him. Have to give it up to Maxxi Dog they have developed a wonderful product that i will recomennd to any one that feels their dog is in pain or showing signs of joint problems”

Vishee on 16 Sep 2014

“Our dog is 8 years old and diabetic and was starting to become less able to walk any further than a couple of hundred yards. He has been taking this supplement for 3 months now and am happy to say he can now walk over a mile with no problem at all, as he was on no other medication or supplements I put that improvement down to this product, and he loves eating them.”

Martin B. on 18 Apr 2016

“My dog, Sadie, is getting older and has trouble moving around. I started giving her a couple of tablets of MaxxiFlex a day and within a week or so, she was getting up easier from her bed, bounding around me like a young pup and liked to go for walks. She's no longer lying around panting like she's in pain. I recommend this product highly!”

Cynthia Robinson on 7 Jun 2014

“So far, this supplement is helping my older dog (14 years & counting) walk & run more. Without it, he was hardly moving, only fetching his Frisbee once. Now he is going out at least three times”

Monica Stokes on 18 Jun 2014


What They Say About MaxxiOmega

“Itch relief, at last! Only three days on this product and my dog's incessant scratching is down to a bare minimum! I've tried several other products with little success. Thank goodness for MaxxiOmega. The pump in a stainless steel container is so easy to use--one squirt on food and the food is being scarfed down with relish, and I have a happy dog!”

Alice B. on 22 Aug 2014

“My golden retriever had a skin flaking disease and a dull coat. Since using Maxxi Omega oil, his coat is much healthier, softer, and shinier”

Ricki Finlay on 1 Jun 2015

“My VERY picky 6lb poodle loves the Maxxi Dog Omega oil. I am glad this product has only the finest ingredients and is Made in America!”

Dr Marcie Goodman on 8 Sep 2014

“A wonderful product! Within one week I noticed a huge change in my dogs' coats and skin. I have a large shepherd mix and her coat turned shiny and vibrant. My poodle mix had a lot less of the eye drainage that would stain his white fur badly under his eyes. The pump is very convenient and fast to use. I pump it onto their dry food and they gobble it down. Thank you!”

Amy B on 14 Jul 2014

“I noticed her coat look much soft and shiny just in 2 weeks after starting using the product”

Silvia D. Cruz on 20 Jun 2014

“He went from scratching ALL DAY LONG to NO SCRATCHING AT ALL! I had extremely low expectations, and I honestly can't believe the change”

Jen G. on 4 Dec 2015

“Bought this for our dog who has crazy itchy skin and it has really helped him. We add a pump to his food each time he eats and he loves it. His fur is soft and shiny and he hardly ever scratches at his belly anymore. Happy Doggie = Happy Doggie Mom!”

deborah gartland on 20 Jul 2014

“The main reason I purchased this product is due to the variety of ingredients, not just fish oil. I was very pleased to also see coconut oil, flaxseed and vitamins included. The pump makes it easy and clean, and I like that it's in a stainless steel container”

April Gurin on 10 Jun 2014

“I began using the product with my field spaniel 's dry skin and coat, little realizing the additional , and just as important, benefits for the heart and general well being. Now my three poodles get it added to their food daily. My vet and I are happy with the results”

Barbara Lidke on 3 Sep 2014

“My dogs love this product, and their skin is not as dry as usual. Will continue to use this Omega Oil for Dogs”

Anne Levy on 29 Jun 2014

“Great product, much easier to dispense than other fish oils. My dog loves it and it's really helped her health”

Shell Bell on 9 Jun 2014

“It has made a wonderful difference in our dog's digestion”

Rod Story on 10 Nov 2014

“Our four-legged child is looking better than ever, healthy and still have full energy at 5yrs old. Thus far, it's working well for us, money well spent!!!
The product pump despenser is a great idea as it reduces spills, can pump directly into dog's mouth or over food. I am actually online purchasing my second bottle. Just buy the product and stop wasting time shopping around!!!!”

Nicole of NY on 29 Oct 2014

“The MaxxiOmega Fatty Acid Formula is good for my dog and she loves it with her dinner. It was also great to get a second one at a discount”

Kevin G. Anderson on 9 Jun 2014

“This product is amazing! Shiny coat & helped our foster GSD grow hair on his back (which the vet had told us not to expect to grow back). We now have a GSD with a fluffy tail!”

Patricia A. Armstrong on 21 Mar 2016

“My 2 JR's have skin allergies. Both are on Apoquel from the Vets. This helps but is very expensive. They have had MAXXIOMEGA for the past month, their coats are much improved, less scurfy, less itchy and the bald patches are growing new hair,the texture of the coats is soft and silky”

Croza on 29 Mar 2016

“Before I gave him MaxxiOmega he had alot of dry flaky skin and his coat looked dull. However since he has been having MaxxiOmega his skin is lovely and smooth and his coat thick and glossy. Various people have commented how beautiful his coat looks. The pump dispenser makes it easy to add to his meals and the product really is good value for money. You have to try this product to see the amazing results for yourself, I can't recommend it highly enough. The only downside is I wish they did a human version because his hair is definately in better condition than mine!”

loveyoga on 22 Jun 2016

“I bought this for myself rather than my dog and it works great as a supplement. I do a shot of this in the morning and before bed and I feel better than ever. I'm sure it does great for dogs but its perfect for humans at a fraction of the price for regular fish oil supplements”

Skyler Place on 23 Aug 2014

“I've got a black lab who's had some dry itchy skin from the day I rescued her. I bought this product to ease her dry, itchy skin. So far, her coat has improved tremendously and her itchiness has decreased significantly. She looks very healthy”

Molson Iceman on 2 Jul 2014

“So far I have noticed her coat is softer, she doesn't seem to itch as much. But the thing that I noticed most is she is no longer so finicky with her food. Since adding MaxxiOmega she cleans her bowl without much fuss”

Darwin Wieland on 27 Sep 2014

“This item was purchased for my 13 year old dog who had developed bald patches in her fur, notably on neck, tail and flank. The vet could find no underlying reason for the fur loss other than old age.... After a few weeks use I have found that there is a noticeable amount of fine hair growth coming through on the bare skin”

Margaret Kingston on 25 Apr 2015

“Our little Dachshund has dry itchy skin. I tried everything and this works the best. Ran out of it and with in a week he had the itchies again:-(”

Teddy on 28 Sep 2014

“My 9 year old black Labrador started getting terrible dandruff. The vet tried various (expensive) stuff over a few month period but nothing worked. Tried this Omega Oil as the reviews were very positive. OMG!!! The difference is amazing! The dandruff has completely gone and his coat looks really healthy again! ”

Jollies on 19 Jun 2016

“We've been using MaxxiOmega for our 8 year old lab mix for about a year. He has more energy, less shedding and a soft, shiny coat, and licks the bowl clean”

spicegirl on 27 Jun 2016

“Purchased this in desperation after my little Yorkie was suffering really badly with a growing skin condition. He was red raw. Not any more. This oil helped him to recover. Just one squirt on his food twice a day. Remarkable healing... My Yorkie has improved to the point that his eyes no longer require optimune every day”

Jane L Murray on 14 Sep 2015

“Our Maggie LOVES this food additive product and it seems to be giving her coat the appearance and lustre that she has not had in years. She is a 13 year old Lab who has never had anything but a dull coat with massive hair loss... Her furry coat even SMELLS better and there is NO FISHY smell to the product! Maggie readily eats her dry food with this supplement added to it!”

Dasher-63 on 8 May 2015

“I have just ordered my second bottle of Omega Maximum Oil.I am using it to treat my eight year old black labrador Vinnie who suffers with extremely itchy dry skin, for the past year the vets have been trying everything from allergy injections to steroids with limited success. In the three weeks of using the omega I have noticed a huge difference, he's not shedding anywhere near as much and his coat condition is much improved plus it seems to be helping his joints. I have no hesitation in recommending this product”

Sue Diaper on 1 Jan 2015

“I've been giving it to my year and a half old dog for a year now..and his coat is so soft and shiny. He very rarely scratches at himself and has almost no dander. Even his vet wanted to know what I'd been giving him so she could recommend it to her other clients. We're very happy!”

Amazon Customer on 18 Apr 2016

“Bought this product for my Labradoodle pup he is thriving on it lovely clear eyes and a very glossy coat”

simba on 27 Sep 2014

“Our little rescue schnauzer came to us with horrible skin problems. The Omega Oil was highly recommended to benefit him. We're on our second bottle now and it seems to have contributed to the healthy pink skin that is emerging all over his body”

Susan Beuchert on 22 Aug 2014

Dogs with MaxxiDog Products

What They Say About MaxxiCalm

“Day 3 rescue stressed dog relaxing ,total outlook calmer brilliant.”

Nickie Hollows on 22 Oct 2014

“Luckily I stumbled upon Maxxicalm and within 10 days he was calmer in situations that had previously had him reacting- this was wonderful as his focus was much improved and we could move onto the training suggested in the booklet from Maxxidog ”

purple star on 17 May 2016

“I cannot praise this product enough. Fantastic training aid, saw results almost immediately in respect of calmer behaviour. This allowed proper training - Sam (Labrador) a rescue, had no previous socialisation with other dogs, kids, traffic, etc all new to him. He's not the finished article, but this product has played a major breakthrough in his progress”

Carrie Ross on 5 Apr 2016

“Many thanks to Maxxicalm, I can't recommend it enough, it really does work! Certainly did in my case anyway... Also the E book was very helpful, good reading and some great tips in it too!”

Mrs. J. Platt on 29 Oct 2014

“I ordered this for a dog that I rescued who suffers from separation anxiety....and also for my doxies that tend to get excited when the big dog is around...within a short time of taking it they all seemed to calm down and just relax...definitely not as hyper...I don't give it to them daily only when they seem to be getting anxious”

Mary Van on 3 Feb 2016

“My rescued dog was very excitable and nervous when I got him. I give him Maxxicalm everyday and it works very well. There are no side effects and the results make everyone in the family happy and calm”

Michael G. Jensen on 23 Mar 2015

“the very first day he took them we noticed he was slightly calmer, coincidence maybe? we thought. But then the second day, and even more of an improvement, he actually approached 2 strangers and even took treats from them. This has NEVER happened! He was still very nervous and cautious but he was not barking and pulling away, which is the norm for him. Today is day 3 and we took him to a very busy place where a couple of times he did bark and pull away, but the majority of the time he walked nicely on his lead. I am so impressed, we work so hard with him every day and we cannot seem to help him, but now with the help of MaxxiCalm it seems there may be some light at the end of the tunnel after all”

Anne Close on 13 Sep 2014

“These work fantastically! My dog shakes, pants, eyes get huge and glassy and is inconsolable. I give her two when the mouth goes back, panting begins, eyes get big (she can sense a storm hours before it hits) and this is the first product I've ever used that makes her lay down. It really works for my dog”

Highland IL on 2 Oct 2015

“This is the BEST stuff ever!! Worked in just days! My 14 year old dog was aggressive after we moved. He started needing more help with incontinence and putting on his belly bands after each bathroom break was stressing him out. MaxxiCalm to the rescue!! ”

Prayer Warrior on 26 May 2016

“Great product. It arrived on time and we gave our dog a dose straight away. That night we had a calm dog and we had the first nights sleep in ages. He had been barking as soon as we left him on his own at night but settled down straight away after just one dose.”

Jan Weston on 21 Oct 2014

“This product has been very effective for my dogs i have bought many other calming tablets before with little or no effect, even better that it contains natural ingredients. Great for stressful times like fireworks / kennels or when pets have a change in their routine i would recommend that tablets are given at least 3/4 days before event ”

Marianne Wood on 27 Feb 2015

“Works as claimed. Definitely see a difference in my 75lbs American Staffordshire Terrier; less stress, anxiety, and unnecessary adrenaline. Plan to continue buying this product”

Dylan S on 28 Apr 2016

“I never thought it would work as well as it does. I have a Weimaraner who's also a rescue and suffers terribly from anxiety, especially since I'm away from home a lot for work. I have a pet/house sitter and she said it's amazing how well it works for her”

Deborah Brewster-McClellan on 4 Jul 2016

“My Labrador used to tremble as soon as we went out. Fireworks scared her a few years ago but she became scared of any bangs, loud aeroplanes, motorbikes and shooting in the nearby fields. With Maxxicalm she has changed to a happy relaxed dog and now enjoys going out”

mrs pauline taylor on 8 Oct 2015

“Maxxicalm was my last attempt. I can't believe the difference it has made. I was very cynical. I wasn't even very good at giving it to her because I didn't think it would work. However, I went on holiday for 5 days without her so was really good at giving it to her for a few weeks before hand. She is a different dog. She is so much more jovial. She has always been pack leader, but her position in the pack is changing. It is like the responsibility has been taken away from her and she is so much more chilled about life, a weight has been lifted. She is playful with my other dogs, she relaxes”

Amazon Customer on 20 May 2016

“This product is amazing! No more trembling, panting, pacing....our guy is calm and relaxed through storms. Also, he normally won't chew "chewable" tablets, but this one he gobbles right up”

Tony F on 17 Jun 2016

“A valuable weapon in our annual anti fireworks campaign for Maddie our Mastif / Rotti cross - otherwise she does get very CROSS. These tabs really calm her and give us all a stress free time over the firework period”

J. Sherwood on 2 Nov 2015

“I was skeptical at first, but desperate, so I tried these. I am very impressed with how well they work! I have a German Shorthaired Pointer that has major anxiety and stress issues that magnify of he can't get out and work (bad weather). When his anxiety is high he chews on everything, even right in front of me!... The difference was night and day! He was calm and well mannered and quite the gentleman. I was surprised because he didn't act like he was 'drugged' he was just calmer and happier each day”

Heather A on 18 Jan 2016

“I bought these 3 weeks ago for my 15 month old hyperactive Westie. Having not had a full nights sleep in 5 months & up through the night as much as 4 times I was getting desperate. Also bought an indoor dog kennel & she loves it & trots off to bed quite happy. Pleased to say I'm getting sleep”

Mo on 2 Dec 2015

“MaxxiCalm dog calming tablets work wonderfully at calming my hyperactive Boston Terrier mix. Before taking them, he was bouncing off the walls no matter how much exercise we gave him, and I was afraid he might hurt or injure my Chihuahua and Dachshund because he was constantly running into and over them. But these tablets have helped tremendously to calm him down. They contain the same calming ingredients (plus some bonus ingredients) as those found in the non-prescription calming chews I had previously purchased from my veterinarian and are much more affordable. I like that they are made with natural ingredients and can be given daily to my dog without the fear of addiction that comes with prescription calming meds (Xanax/Alprazolam) given for dogs”

The Pen ...not the sword on 26 Sep 2014

“worked wonders not as stessed as when we had him eight weeks ago”

Robert Mellor on 25 Oct 2014

“Quick background of my dog: He and his siblings were born to be bait for fighting dogs. After rescue he became extremely frightened of everything and everyone, even after rescuing him he hid in a corner for nearly 10 days before eventually coming to me, he has been through rigorous training and help for his fear.... Since being on MaxxiCalm he has progressed slowly, he has taken to approaching dogs and sniffing them and letting them sniff him, I can go to the shops and return to no damage, just an over hyper, excited dog pleased to see me. He even runs to the dog sitter now. He still wont let anyone pat him, he ducks his head and cowers away. It's very sad to see but the progression in him is amazing, compared to what he was like before. He has even taken to sitting in a separate room from me, time to time. Something he would never have done earlier and chills on sofa when I clean, do dishes, shower. He was usually no more than 2 inches away from me. It has taken a few weeks but myself and visitors to the house can see the change in him, he is not as stressed and more relaxed when visitors come in”

Kevz on 10 Aug 2015

“This supplement works consistently. We have tried others but this remains the best.”

Andrew on 11 Jun 2016

“Super product.... cant recommend it enough! I cant be without it now, one of my dogs is one it full time. Brilliant company as well!”

Amazon Customer on 8 May 2016

“Quick background of my dog: He and his siblings were born to be bait for fighting dogs. After rescue he became extremely frightened of everything and everyone, even after rescuing him he hid in a corner for nearly 10 days before eventually coming to me, he has been through rigorous training and help for his fear.... Since being on MaxxiCalm he has progressed slowly, he has taken to approaching dogs and sniffing them and letting them sniff him, I can go to the shops and return to no damage, just an over hyper, excited dog pleased to see me. He even runs to the dog sitter now. He still wont let anyone pat him, he ducks his head and cowers away. It's very sad to see but the progression in him is amazing, compared to what he was like before. He has even taken to sitting in a separate room from me, time to time. Something he would never have done earlier and chills on sofa when I clean, do dishes, shower. He was usually no more than 2 inches away from me. It has taken a few weeks but myself and visitors to the house can see the change in him, he is not as stressed and more relaxed when visitors come in”

Kevz on 10 Aug 2015

“After talking with my vet about her anxiety he quickly prescribed a prescription drug for her anxiety. We gave it to her but were not happy with the results, yes it helped with the anxiety but as soon as she received the pills she was out cold. So I went in search for a natural remedy to her anxiety. I bought Maxxi-Calm and from day 1 I could tell a difference in my Ally Grace. No more being drugged and she is much calmer. She loves her Maxxi-Calm, if I forget I find her sitting by the counter where her pills are”

Don Keeslar on 15 Jul 2015

“We have a dog that is terrified of storms and the pills are very effective. I was kind of skeptical when I purchased but I hate the medication the vets have given us because it basically puts our dog in a comma, so I gave it a try. I am so happy I did.”

angsue on 7 Jan 2015

What They Say About MaxxiSAMe

“This is a wonderful alternative to Denamarin and other SAMe that must be given on an empty stomach”

Linda D on 28 Jan 2016

“Love that I can add it to his food. My guy is getting forgetful, and he is still too smart for me to take a pill! He gets this in his food. I notice a difference if I stop the Sam-e because he gets very confused quickly. Given daily this supplement seems to keep my guy young and sharp”

dlhoop on 31 Mar 2016

“My cat was very sick with bacterial hepatitis. Vet gave me Demarin to give her but couldn't pill her--too big. So I looked online and found this wonderful product that she eats readily in her food. This along with another liquid Milk Thistle product I found online gives her liver what it needs. I showed my veterinarian the product and he said it was an excellent product to use. Only into 3 weeks of her recovery but my cat is doing very well. Feel good giving her this everyday and such a small amount needed given 2x a day and will last for a long time”

bcatz on 5 Apr 2016

“My Corgi was was sick and on a similar medicine from the vet. We had pills that We were trying to make our dog take and it was stressful for our dog. When I saw this product in powdered form I was really happy. We have been putting into our dogs food everyday and she is getting better faster than when she was on vet pills. I will be ordering this product as often as its available. It saved my Eva and I will be forever grateful. Customer for life”

Angee B on 24 Apr 2016

“A SAM-e supplement was recommended by a vet for our aging dog, and MaxxiSAMe offered the best ingredients - SAM-e, Artichoke, Choline, Inositol, B Vitamins - at the best price. We used it for liver problems, but the combination also helps with cognitive function”

Lorna on 10 May 2016

“My 4 yr old cockapoo has had very high liver levels since she was 6 months old. After giving her Demamarin since a puppy with no drop in levels . After 5 weeks on this along with the Denamarin her levels are down to Normal. She also likes the taste as I coat her food with it and any that doesn't coat she licks the dish clean”

Sue on 17 May 2016

“Elderly dog appears to suffer from depression and aniety. Notice a big difference since she started this product!”

Tammy M. on 20 May 2016

“12-year-old cat had elevated liver enzymes (ALT = 1,208 ; AST = 240). After 3 weeks on Denamarin, MaxxiSAMe, and a change in cat diet to minimize fat/carbs and increase protein (raw freeze dried cat food), his liver enzymes were back to normal (ALT = 73 ; ALK = 25) Very Very Happy ;)”

Happycomposting on 19 Jun 2016

“Am really pleased to have found this product, my 15 year old Lab X was diagnosed with Liver problems in May and we have really struggled to get her to take SAM-e in pill form - especially as it has to be given on an empty stomach”

Gayle_C on 10 Sep 2015

“My dog's liver enzyme(?) count was high on her blood panel right before a surgery and our vet said using a SAM-e supplement may help in lowering that number. Tried it out on our large German Shepherd and after finishing off the small container, and surprisingly, her liver enzyme count went down back to normal levels. We didn't change anything else during that time”

black paw on 30 Mar 2016

“Our much loved fur baby aged 13 next month is suffering from dementia and had also been having fits for which he has started on anticonvulsants. He was totally out of character and also physically frail - It looked like he was beginning to deteriorate rapidly and we really thought we were going to lose him in the immediate future which was absolutely devastating. After some research I came upon this product and thought there was nothing to lose - well what can I say!!! He is MUCH improved and has even been playing from time to time!! In fact he can solve the dog puzzle games I bought quicker than our other dog!”

Milliesk0 on 21 Sep 2015

“When he was in the emergency room on 01/11/16, his ALK was at 1117 and his alt was at 135 both were high although I don't trust that the blood work was done properly since it was done in house and the results came back in a half an hour. I started him on the Maxxi SamE sometime after that date I can't really remember. But he had his blood drawn a month later on 2/14/16 and his ALK dropped to 514 and his alt dropped to 70. Both levels ARE Lower then it's been since 12/29/14”

Lisa on 22 Mar 2016

“I am a new customer to MaxxiDog, specifically the new, high-quality MaxxiSAMe product. It really caught my eye because my 13-year-old lab has high liver numbers. Tests indicated she does not have Cushings Disease. Still, her veterinarian - who practices Western and Eastern disciplines - had me put her on a coated pill form of the SAMe. Of course, I complied but I found the schedule and administration of the pills troublesome in that they needed to be given an hour before meals, and on an empty stomach. Timing had to be just right, which can be a challenge in a busy household. However, MaxxiDog is formulated to be given ?WITH food, and with no benefits loss. This is of real value to dogs and their parents because its ease of administration nearly guarantees no missed doses. I simply added the powder to her food and NO problem! My dog licked her bowl clean! Of special note on this important supplement: it contains additional ingredients to support the liver that you will not find in most SAMe supplements. You will easily find all of the ingredients on the product page. I will be keeping my beloved dog on this product”

Gator 297 on 17 Sep 2015

What They Say About MaxxiDigest Plus

“great product, my dog had diarrhea and her poop was grayish. after using this product her poop is normal and no more loose poop. the other ingredients are very useful as well. very satisfied with the product”

Roya on 16 Feb 2016

“Another fantastic product from MaxxiDog. My dog has had persistent colitis for the last 6 months despite being fed excellent quality food. Although I have made some dietary changes (I now feed wet instead of dry), I am sure that the MaxxiDigest has helped enormously to heal her insides. She was previously passing blood which was very distressing and (touch wood!) this has now stopped”

CHARLOTTE on 9 Dec 2015

“Since he has been on the Maxxi digest he has been so regular and predictable. Which is nice.”

Lisa on 22 Mar 2016

“Just into our second tub and all is well. We have a boxer who had the dreaded boxer tummy which can develop into colitis. This product seems to be working. Our girl did not like the extra first doze so we have just used the maintenance doze and no problems for seven weeks now. What a relief! We intend to continue the use this product”

Amazon Customer on 9 Feb 2016

“This is an amazing product-w/ 4 dogs (Aus Cat dog mix 3 yrs-PitBull !0 yrs-Blk & Tan Hound 11 yrs and mini Schnauzer 14 yrs) this has benefitted all of them-especially my Pitbull (skin issues ) and my Schnauzer (digestive issues) -I add to their morning feeding and add a little warm water and mix in-ALL of the dogs love it-I have been impressed w/ all of the Maxxi products”

Paul J. gately on 22 Feb 2016

“Charley is doing very well on this new additional remedy for his ongoing health and wellness. Previously, after he had his dinner on most evenings, I would later be assaulted with the 'silent but deadly' type of flatus. Also, in less than 2 weeks time, his case of atopic dermatitis is a thing of the past!”

Jennifer Johnson on 23 Feb 2016


What They Say About MaxxiDog

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