The Charity of the Month of September 2017

Rudozem Street Dog Rescue

 Rudozem Street Dog Rescue.jpg

Rudozem Street Dog Rescue (RSDR) is a non-profit foundation that rescues street dogs in Bulgaria and finds loving homes for them. 

What they say:

"We have adoption teams in other countries and whenever possible, we find loving homes for our dogs. Some have suffered so much abuse that they are unsuitable for adoption and stay with us as permanent residents. Apart from the dogs that we do take in, we try and keep a check on others that are still on the streets or living in the forests, making sure that they are fed and if possible treated for parasites"

What our MaxxiClub member that nominated them had to say:

"So good that someone is looking after those poor creatures"

For more information, visit Rudozem Street Dog Rescue website.

The Charity of the Month of August 2017

Animal SOS Sri Lanka

 animal SOS Sri Lanka.JPG

Animal SOS Sri Lanka mission is to alleviate the suffering of animals, particularly the strays in Sri Lanka.

What they say:

"There are thousands of stray animals in Sri Lanka suffering from horrific injuries, malnutrition, disease, and harsh treatment at the hands of humans… This ocean of suffering and misery is heartbreaking for any animal lover to witness, let alone to walk away from"

What our MaxxiClub member that nominated them had to say:

"Most people won't have heard of them but Animal SOS is a UK based charity which operates Asia's largest companion animal sanctuary with other 1,300 animals in their care including 50+ disabled dogs. It's quite an operation! And still they manage to deliver the highest standards of care. Well deserving of a nomination I'm sure you'd agree :-)"

For more information, visit Animal SOS Sri Lanka website.

The Charity of the Month of July 2017

Furry Friends Rescue 

 MaxxiClub Charity

Furry Friends Rescue is an all-volunteer non-profit organization dedicated to rescuing, fostering and finding forever homes for companion animals in the San Francisco Bay Area.

What they say:

"Since November 1998, we have saved over 13,000 animals and the numbers are growing every day—along with 6000+ Guardian, Shelter & Rescue Assists! Our volunteer home foster about 120 dogs and cats (of all ages from young to senior and special medical needs) year round. We rescue and find forever homes for about 1000 animals per year"

What our MaxxiClub member that nominated them had to say:

"Great charity doing great work"

For more information, visit Furry Friends Rescue website.

The Charity of the Month of June 2017


 MaxxiClub Charity

Epi4Dogs is a charity that is dedicated to EPI (Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency) animals & owners world-wide.

What they say:

"Our goal is to have the most current EPI information all in one place to better assist the veterinarian community, to help the EPI pet owner readily recognize EPI signs, and to encourage all to work together for the best possible outcome for the EPI dog (and cat)!”

What our MaxxiClub member that nominated them had to say:

"EPI is a serious condition that important to educate pet owners about and Epi4Dogs do that"

For more information, visit Epi4Dogs website.

The Charity of the Month of May 2017

Dogs for Good

 MaxxiClub Charity November 2015

Dogs for Good explores the ways dogs can help people overcome specific challenges and enrich and improve the lives and communities.

What they say:

"Over the years, we’ve used this insight to bring independence and companionship to many people through our highly trained assistance dogs for physically disabled children and adults and for families with a child with autism. Our experience of training and working with assistance dogs inspired us to explore other ways dogs can help individuals, families and communities"

What our MaxxiClub member that nominated them had to say:

"I personally know how a dog can change lives. I want others to experience the same" 

For more information, visit Dogs for Good website.

The Charity of the Month of April 2017

Hull Animal Welfare Trust


The Hull Animal Welfare Trust was formed in 1982 by a band of caring people who wanted to do something practical and demonstrable about animal cruelty and abandonment in the Hull and East Riding area.

What they say:

"The organisation has come a long way since 1982 and conditions for animals and volunteers have improved immeasurably with state of the art facilities for fifty dogs and forty cats which are always full and an average of one thousand animals per year are rescued and re-homed".

What our MaxxiClub member that nominated them had to say:

"I used to live in Hull so I know they do a great job locally".

For more information, visit Hull Animal Welfare Trust website.

The Charity of the Month of March 2017

Last Chance at Life


Last Chance at Life All Breed Rescue & Adoptions emphasis is on rescuing Boxers but now takes in canines of all breeds, cats, and birds, and they save and find homes for between 150 to 170 animals each year.

What they say:

"We help the animals that are overlooked — the older, the broken, the not-so-popular — we fix them medically, we nurture for behaviors, and we seek out the most special forever homes for them. That is why we truly are their LAST CHANCE AT LIFE".

What our MaxxiClub member that nominated them had to say:

"Nominated after seeing this lovely video of Shelter Dog Gets Best Day Ever!"

For more information, visit Last Chance at Life website.

The Charity of the Month of February 2017

Pet Partners

MaxxiClub charity December 2015

Pet Partners provides training for people who want to volunteer with their pet to bring "pet therapy" to hospitals, nursing homes, rehabilitation centers, schools, and other facilities.

What they say:

"Now more than ever, animals are being called upon to tend to the therapeutic needs of people across an increasingly broad spectrum including autistic children, hospice patients and soldiers returning from war. Last year, Pet Partners teams made more than one million visits in all 50 states to people in need".

What our MaxxiClub member that nominated them had to say:

"Because if I ever get sick and cannot own a pet, then I want someone to visit me with his pet".

For more information, visit Pet Partners website.

The Charity of the Month of January 2017

Dýrahjálp Íslands


Dýrahjálp Íslands means the Icelandic Animal Rescue and is the only one of its kind in Iceland.

What they say:

Icelandic Animal Rescue is run totally by volunteers that take care of and looks for new homes for animals in need. Their aim is also to increase public awareness and support for animal welfare.

What our MaxxiClub member that nominated them had to say:

"This is the main animal rescue in Iceland and as such plays such an important role in saving animals that desperately need a new home. They accept all animals and look after them until a new home is found".

For more information, visit Dýrahjálp Íslands website.

The Charity of the Month of December 2016

Ruff Luck Rescue

Ruff Luck Rescue

Ruff Luck Rescue is a small non-profit dog rescue working in the Warwickshire/West Midlands area.

What they say:

"We take in dogs from the pound and from people's homes when they can no longer be cared for. We operate a non-destruct policy".

What our MaxxiClub member that nominated them had to say:

Actually, she did not say why she picked this particular charity but we are assuming she has a personal experience of their work, i.e. may be volunteering with them or maybe she has adopted a dog from them. Whatever the reason, she nominated a great small charity.

For more information, visit Ruff Luck Rescue website.

The Charity of the Month of November 2016

The Edward Foundation


The Edward Foundation aim is to help bulldogs at risk of abuse and being used as a commodity. To date they have helped over 500 bulldogs to find loving forever sofas.

What they say:

"The Edward Foundation was founded in March 2011 when a group of people on a Bulldog Owners Forum were made aware of a Bulldog who was being advertised at stud and later for sale on the internet. We could see from the advert photos that he was in a terrible condition. After receiving no help from reporting to the relevant authorities it was decided to raise the funds and get him out of a dire situation… He inspired us to start this Foundation in his honour".

What our MaxxiClub member that nominated them had to say:

"Run totally by volunteers"

For more information, visit The Edward Foundation website.

The Charity of the Month of October 2016

Blind Dog Rescue UK

MaxxiClub charity January 2016

Blind Dog Rescue UK will rescue, rehabilitate, promote and rehome blind and partially sighted dogs in need, both here in the UK and abroad.

What they say:

"We are not worried about the geographical location of dogs in need, and if we can help, we will. We regularly bring blind dogs over from countries such as Romania, Cyprus, Greece and Bulgaria to find loving homes, as well as rescuing dogs from shelters, breeders, veterinary surgeries and from members of the public in the UK".

What our MaxxiClub member that nominated them had to say:

"I once had a dog that became blind so I really appreciate the work they do for blind dogs".

For more information, visit Blind Dog Rescue UK website.

The Charity of the Month of September 2016

Jak’s Legacy


This is the story of brave, beautiful Jak and his owner Kate who rescued him and changed his life forever. But he also changed hers and together they set about changing lives of abandoned and abused animals all over the world.

Jak is sadly no longer with us, but his work and his memory lives on through Kate who continues to raise awareness and funds for animal Charities worldwide.

She is currently walking 1,000,000 steps with 10 year old Bailey to raise funds for Jak’s special needs dogs in his memory. Her work and what she has achieved so far is beyond admirable.

For more information about the wonderful and inspirational work Kate does and read Jak’s heartwarming story.

The Charity of the Month of August 2016

National Mill Dog Rescue


National Mill Dog Rescue pledged to put an end to the cruelty of the commercial dog breeding industry, more commonly known as puppy milling. Through rescue and education, NMDR continues in its life-saving work while enlightening the public about the truth of pet store puppies.

What they say:

"Eight years ago, I made a promise to Lily, our founding dog who had suffered terribly during her years of confinement. I vowed that, for as long as puppy mills exist, we will rescue dogs like her and do everything humanly possible to make them whole"

What our MaxxiClub member that nominated them had to say:

"I just cry when I read their website and cannot thank them enough for what they are doing for these poor creatures".

For more information, visit National Mill Dog Rescue website.

The Charity of the Month of July 2016



Nowzad Dogs is the first and only official dog shelter for strays in Afghanistan. Their purpose built shelter provides a safe, sheltered environment for 100 stray dogs and purpose built cattery housing nearly 30 former street cats rescued by locals or soldiers.

What they say:

"We are proud to employ four Afghan nationals who have been trained as vets and can now expertly perform major surgeries as required in the treatment of injured or ill Afghan animals. Two of our Afghan vets are actually female which is a first for Afghanistan and just demonstrates the improving education opportunities for young women in Kabul"

What the nominator had to say:

"Nowzad is an Afgan charity which rescues stray and abandoned dogs and helps rehabilitate them… but it is much more as the founder has used this opportunity to help these dogs help national humans as well as soldiers .. heartwarming and just lovely "

For more information, visit Nowzad website.

The Charity of the Month of June 2016

Peace of Mind Dog Rescue

MaxxiClub, Charity

Peace of Mind Dog Rescue mission is to be a resource and advocate for senior dogs and senior people on California's Central Coast. We find loving homes for dogs whose guardians can no longer care for them and for senior dogs in shelters.

What they say:

"Our vision is to model lifetime care for dogs and all companion animals to help bring about a positive change in the way society thinks about and treats senior dogs and to create better lives for them through rescue, foster, adoption, hospice and education"

What our MaxxiClub member that nominated them had to say:

"Senior people should not have to worry about what will happen to their beloved pets after their death".

For more information, visit Peace of Mind Dog Rescue website.

The Charity of the Month of May 2016

Hope Rescue


Hope Rescue is not a rescue in the conventional sense. They are primarily a co-ordinating rescue saving dogs from emergency situations. The majority of the dogs they help are stray dogs facing destruction after spending their statutory 7 days in the pound. 

What they say:

"We feel passionately that our role is not simply to deal with the consequences of irresponsible ownership, but to also tackle the root causes and reduce the number of dogs needing to access the animal welfare system. We also believe in the valuable pastoral and therapeutic role that dogs can play in our local community"

What the nominator had to say:

"Saw the post about Eva and her puppies on MaxxiDog Facebook site and discovered this worthy charity by following them"

For more information, visit Hope Rescue website.

The Charity of the Month of April 2016

Saints Sled Dog Rescue

Charity of the Month

Saints Sled Dog Rescue aim is to help as many unwanted and stray Siberian Huskies and Alaskan Malamutes as possible through the process of fostering and rehoming, or by simply supporting their owners with help and advice.

What they say:

"At present, many of these dogs are being purchased and even bred by people who have very little understanding of the needs of these wonderful breeds".

What our MaxxiClub member that nominated them had to say:

"We have adopted our two Alaskan Malamutes from the charity and we had an amazing support throughout. The charity is run entirely by volunteers, amazing group of dedicated and selfless people. They need every help possible as they depend entirely on donations".

For more information, visit Saints Sled Dog Rescue website.

The Charity of the Month of March 2016

The Old Dog House

October 2015 Charity of the month

The Old Dog House is dedicated to giving older and senior dogs a second chance at a new life.

What they say:

"At so many shelters, the age of a dog determines its chances of reaching the adoption floor to find a new forever home. As a result, many wonderful dogs are denied the ability to live out their lives in dignity, surrounded by love. The Old Dog House aims to enlighten the public to the joys of owning an older or senior dog through educational programs and to place rescued dogs into true forever homes through adoption programs. The dogs that come into the care of The Old Dog House will remain in our care until adopted"

What our MaxxiClub member that nominated them had to say:

"As dedicated dog owner I find it so difficult to believe that people let their dog go just because he is getting old. That is why this is my charity"

For more information, visit The Old Dog House website.

The Charity of the Month of February 2016

Angels Among Us Pet Rescue

Charity September 2015

Angels Among Us is a non-profit charity dedicated to saving dogs and cats from high-kill shelters in north Georgia (USA). They operate through a network of volunteers and foster homes in the metro Atlanta area.

What they say:

"Our mission is two-fold: 1) To educate the public on the plight of animals that have found themselves in high kill shelters throughout Georgia and on the responsibilities involved with pet ownership, such as spay/neuter and heartworm prevention. 2) To save as many animals as we can from high kill shelters and to see each animal through from the actual rescue to the loving foster home and ultimately to the “forever” home they were meant to have"

What the nominator had to say:

"They save pups when no one else would from being euthanize and give them temporary foster homes until they are placed in a forever home"

For more information, visit Angels Among Us website.

The Charity of the Month of January 2016

Paws 2 Rescue

Paws 2 Rescue is a charity set up with the aims of feeding and helping provide shelter for the stray dogs of Romania, and to re-home dogs and puppies into the UK or across Europe.

MaxxiClub charity January 2016

What they say:

"Dogs rescued from Romania will have had sad lives and need a loving home where they can feel safe and will be properly cared for, often for the very first time. So it is important that each animal is adopted into a home that is suitable for its needs. They need patience, time and loving care".

What our MaxxiClub member that nominated them had to say:

"A wonderful charity which goes out of its way to rescue and help eastern european abandoned or maltreated dogs and help them find forever loving homes in the UK".

For more information, visit Paws 2 Rescue website.

The Charity of the Month of December 2015

Fresh Field Rescue

Fresh Field Rescue is a charity that rescues and re-homes abused, neglected and injured animals. We know that at least one MaxxiDog customer found a wonderful loving home through this great charity.

MaxxiClub charity December 2015

What they say:

"Our Mission: to provide sanctuary and relief to animals who need it, whilst providing a focus of learning, education and example in man’s association with animals".

What our MaxxiClub member that nominated them had to say:

" "An amazing charity with a small but super dedicated team of people who provide quality care, medical attention and a safe and loving environment for the animals, as long as they need them. They provide a forever home for those animals who never find a forever home".

For more information, visit Fresh Field Rescue website.

The Charity of the Month of November 2015

The Dog You Need

MaxxiClub Charity November 2015The Dog You Need is a charity set up to rescue and rehabilitate Europe’s most severely abused animals.

What they say:

"The animals that come into our care, have been through hell and when they arrive with us, they are usually trembling wrecks. They look at you with lifeless eyes, as if they are resigned to the fact that this new chapter for them is another which will be filled with abuse… The part of the rehabilitation process that melts our hearts every time, is that moment the animal finally begins to trust us. The trust part is something we cannot push"

What our MaxxiClub member that nominated them had to say:

"This charity is run by husband and wife. The work and hours they put in are amazing. I follow their page all the time and hope one day to go and visit these amazing people and the dogs".

For more information, visit The Dog You Need website.

The Charity of the Month of October 2015

Canine Rehabilitation Center and Sanctuary

October 2015 Charity of the month

Canine Rehabilitation Center and Sanctuary is a non-profit charity which mission is "To inspire,educate and motivate the human spirit. To save, nurture and love the canine spirit and to bring the two together to change the way the world views, rescues and places homeless dogs".

What they say:

"We are dedicated to helping dogs recover from trauma such as abuse, neglect, long term confinement, and other special cases. Our program provides rescue, recovery, socialization, training, and placement for dogs that shelters and rescue organizations cannot place"

What the nominator had to say:

"They do not discriminate against age, breed, or medical condition. They provide refuge and a second chance for dogs needing at new start"

For more information, visit Canine Rehabilitation Center and Sanctuary website.

The Charity of the Month of September 2015

The House With A Heart

The House with a Heart Pet Sanctuary mission is to provide senior and special needs pets with a loving and caring home where they will be allowed to live out their lives in a secure, nurturing environment.Charity September 2015

What they say:

"We provide residents with a comfortable, bright, and spotless home environment. They play in secure outdoor yards and spend supervised time in fenced, grassy fields on the two-acre property. Healthcare and wellness screening are ongoing, with veterinary specialists consulted when needed. Pets receive special diets, as necessary, and are fed high-quality foods and treats"

What the nominator had to say:

"Senior pets are often overlooked. House With A Heart provides much needed home to pets that due to their age and health problems have little chance of being adopted"

For more information, visit House With A Heart website.

The Charity of the Month of August 2015

Many Tears Animal Rescue

Many-tears-animal-rescue.jpgMany Tears Animal Rescue (MTAR) is a small rescue charity based in South Wales and is run by husband and wife team.

What they say:

"We take in and rehome primarily ex-breeding dogs who are no longer required; those on "death row" in the pounds and those whose owners are no longer able to keep them. MTAR also has a small cattery which enables us to take a small number of cats"

What the nominator had to say:

"Sylvia and Bill are true animal lovers. People like them make the world a better place for all of us. I cried when I read their story"

For more information, visit Many Tears Animal Rescue website.

The Charity of the Month of July 2015

Stray Rescue of St. Louis

Dog charity logoStray Rescue's sole purpose is to rescue stray animals in need of medical attention, restore them to health, and place them in loving adoptive homes. Virtually all of the pets they save have been abused and neglected. They've been dumped on highways, or remote country roads. Abandoned in public parks, empty houses and dark alleys.

What they say:

"Rescued animals often make the best pets. As a no-kill organization, pets from Stray Rescue seem to understand that they have a second lease on life. In return for a little affection and attention, these remarkable animals reward their new owners with a love and loyalty unmatched anywhere"

What the nominator had to say:

"Randy Grim is a true hero for animal lovers of St. Louis. Read the story about the paralyzed dog, Diseno, on the front page and see if that doesn't pull at your heart strings"

For more information, visit Stray Rescue of St. Louis Website or their Facebook page.